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Author Topic: lovely aunty 2  (Read 1142 times)

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lovely aunty 2
« on: January 05, 2013, 07:06:29 PM »
lovely aunty 2

Thanks to all my readers and for their comments. Readers can mail me personally at [email protected] . readers please leave a comment for my story. Continuing from part1.

As kavita gone to sleep, I was watching her and she was looking awesome without wearing anything, sleeping by guarding her pussy. Next day from verandah I saw her but she did not bother to look at me. My mood got off. I gone to college and again hectic life started. I was missing kavita a lot but she is not ready to give or spread her leg to take my cock inside. A week passed and I was just passing days by masturbating by thinking her. One day she came to our house to meet my mother and while leaving our house she left her mobile. I just took that and I gave a miss call to my number. I asked my mother to hand over the mobile. I heard that her husband was going to Bangladesh for some inspection job for couple of weeks. Couple of days still left for uncle to go. At Night around 11 pm I was feeling like to call her up, but I send her a sms writing “hi babes”. No reply came, and just when I gone to bed, a sms entered my mobile at 12.30 I saw it is kavita, and she has written “who is diz??” I was so happy that I texted her replying “you look really beautiful”. I was excited and checking my inbox now and then for her reply. She replied “shut up and tell me who r u?? Else I will stop replying”. I said her no babes if you stop replying I will die and many emotional words. She then replied “ok tell me your name and from where you got my number?” I promised her that I will tell her all the truth once she becomes my friend and we get close to each other. She said me “no”. I sms her that what she does but no reply came and I was awaking till 4 o’ clock in the morning, thinking that she may reply. Next day at night 12.30 I again sms her “hi babes??” she replied “stop messaging me and I am not your babes”. I said (all chat via sms) “ok madam”. She said stop calling me “madam”. She asked me again my name and I said if I tell you, you will have to  talk to me. She lied that “ok”. “kanu is my name. What’s yours??”,I sms ed her. she replied “stop telling lie”. Kanu can’t be your name as she calls me in home that too when she finds me alone. I said you meet me and I will come to you with my voter ID card, and she believed me and said “no dear I won’t meet you ever”. And said me her name is kavita, and we started chatting regularly.
I knew her husband has gone out that morning and I have a couple of weeks to convince her and fuck her. She went out for marketing and she was looking dam hot. I sms ed her “madam looking very beautiful”. She replied “hey where are you and from where you are looking at me” and from roof I found she was staring here and there. She replied “stop calling me madam and tell me where you are”? I did not replying and after an hour suddenly she gave me a call. “Oh fuck” this was what I was fearing off. I did not receive and she sms ed me “suddenly where did you get vanish”?? And that gave me a bit relief. Again at night time I sms ed her “hi babes”. She replied give me a call. I replied sorry babes I don’t have sufficient balance. She replied “you are a big liar” and we chatted till morning 5 am. and we became very friendly. Couple of days passed and we started talking to each other in phone. While she talks she always doubted me and said that “I think I have talked to you before”. “Your voice is similar to a boy. We talk almost each minute for last five days. Just 9 days left for her husband to comeback and I was not doing anything other than calling her and asking “what are you doing??” Days were passing like second. Only 3 days left and after today’s night only two more nights are left. She gave me a call tring tring “hi baby, I said” she said “uff me just got on bed.” I said just casually “now in bed wearing sari you will sleep”. She said “no I don’t sleep wearing sari when I remain alone”. I said then what you wear?? She replied “why?? What will you do by knowing??” I said, “I want to imagine or rather want see you with that costume”. She said, “I will never allow you to come near me with that outfit”…and started laughing. “Please spend one night with me” I said her. She shouted “no and how dare you talk to me like that, just shut up” I said “please” and she shouted “I wont talk with you” and disconnected the phone. It was 1.30 am and I found that the phone is switched off. Next day at around 3pm I started giving call to her and she was disconnecting it continuously. I stopped calling her and lost hopes that I won’t get her to fuck. At around 11pm when I gave a call to kavita, I found that her mobile is switch off. I just felt that I am the biggest looser, missing such a great opportunity. I had gone to sleep. At around 2am may be because I did not see the watch she gave me a call. “Hello” I uttered and there was no sound or reply from her. I just disconnected and went to bathroom for peeing. After returning I found 3 missed calls and then I saw it is kavita and I gave a call to her and all my drowsiness disappeared. She picked up and said “so you are avoiding me”. I said, “I wanted to come near you as I love you and you got angry and kept your phone switched off”. She said, “I am a married woman and I can’t cheat my husband, and you don’t love me, you are just here to have me, that’s it”. I said,“Ok then it is useless talking to you because…”. She stopped me and said “what do you want from me”. I by stammering uttered that “I want to see you in your night costume that’s it.” She said “look that is just impossible and I have said that I can’t cheat my husband, moreover I have never spent night with strangers in miniskirt”. The moment I heard that, I went mad imagining her sexy thighs. I said, “Ok I won’t talk to you anymore as you still think me as stranger bye.” And I disconnected the phone but I wanted to talk to her desperately. She again gave me calls but I did not receive. I just lost hope and no chance because tonight will be the last night she will be alone on the bed. I was sleeping till 10 o clock and suddenly she again called me up. I did not receive and in the second time I received and said angrily “what??” She said, “Oh my god, sir you are so angry with me but may I know what wrong I did??” I said, “Listen I am a stranger and tell me what you need because I don’t have time to waste”. She said me, “now talking to me is wasting of time and you said me this with credit”. “Yes, the way you made me stranger”, I shouted. She said me “ok you are my friend. Happy”, me “no, because don’t mean it”. “No I really mean it” then “can I come to you to see in miniskirt??” she just said “now I am not wearing it and next time when I wear it, I will positively let you know.” I said angrily that, “today if you don’t wear it and call me up then I won’t talk to you for ever”. She said, “This is not fair”. I said “ok I won’t eat and anything happens you will be fully responsible for it” and I disconnected the phone. She kept on calling me and I didn’t receive and she sms ed me “please receive my phone, I have some urgent talk with you” and when she did not get reply she also stopped. No calls or sms came till 4pm. At around 5 o’ clock from a std booth, I gave her a call and with thick voice “hello kavita” she replied “yes, who is this?” “Where is kanu and what has happened to him??” she said softly I don’t know. I then threatened her, “you don’t know means?? kanu said that he is going to you in your flat and you don’t know means?” she said me, “listen there is some misunderstanding took place”. I screamed, “madam if we don’t get kanu then we will go to police to your flat”. She got scared and nervous and replied “ok I am looking for him”. And as soon as I kept the receiver, a   phone came at my mobile. I picked up and said “yes what now” in a rude way. She said “your uncle is looking for you? Where are you?” I said that, “its none of your buiseness, and today may be the last day I will see this beautiful earth”. She screamed at me “don’t talk rubbish and come back home” “no” I said. “Until I meet you I won’t go home”. She said “ok tomorrow we will meet promise”. “there will be no tomorrow for me if I don’t meet you today and please I will just look at you, that’s it” she hesitated and asked me “where do you stay?” I said, “will you wear miniskirt tonight?” she again asked “where do you stay? Because our flat main gate close by 10pm.” I just said a place name and she suddenly asked me to come to her flat before 9pm and after reaching the complex she said me that do give me a call and I will keep my door open.
I reached at 9.30pm and called her and asked her, “did you wear miniskirt?” she just said me to come to flat 3002. I entered in the flat and quietly locked the door. After that I smartly moved in and suddenly she saw me and she uttered “oh my god, its you kanu” and started pulling down her skirt, to cover up as much as possible. “what happened so late night??, is everything ok” she was looking dam hot and her sexy miniskirt and a blouse she was wearing. I just came close to her starring at her lovely naval. She said, “Hey what happened?” “Wow you are looking gorgeous aunty with miniskirt” and she tried to go out of the room and I grab her with all my power. “leave me kanu, this is not good”. I whispered in her ears “ you became my friend today morning” and her face puzzled. She said, “leave me, you are hurting me.” I just hold her butt and started kissing her neck and she moaned “oh god not this time again” and I forced her to bend on a table and her beautiful butt was just under the skirt. I just hold her body so that she cant get up straight and with left hand I lifted her skirt. Her butt came out and increased by some diameter. It was pink and I slapped her butt and she shouted “uh uh yes” and  with my lips I just tasted her butt and licked it. She screamed and I started putting my tongue and she enjoyed and said “yes baby suck suck , oh yes fuck”. Slowly I started licking her pussy and she said, “why do you come to me always?? What is there in my pussy you naughty, leave me and suck the pussy of some other girls of your age.” I said, “it taste great and I wont get this taste in others. I will always come to you for this pussy and I will suck it” she moaned, “hmm hmm uh uh uhh yes suck suck oh oh my god, ouch uh uh.” Then I asked her to stand and she stood up straight and asked me, “why do you come to me?” She was looking hot with tight short skirt and a semi transparent short sleeveless and backless top. I said, “I cant resist when I see you moving around with big balls, is it my fault?” “yes it is you who have made it so big” she screamed. “remembered in class 7 you used to come to our flat and when I used to sleep, you used press my boobs. Once I was having headache and you said me let me massage your head and while massaging, you removed my blouse and took out the breast by pulling the bra and even sucked it like shameless thinking that I was sleeping and not aware of what was going on and you used to shiver while doing that” she said. I said, “you did not stop me means you enjoyed”? she turned the other side and in shyness her face was reddish. She turned towards me with a horny look and said “so you will just stand and waste time or lift me in your lap and  take me to my bed room”. “My sweetu” and kissed me deep in my lips and I took her to her bed room. She got down and pulled me to bed and kissed and said “why you did not call up and say you are my kanu and want to play football with these. We could have enjoyed so many days” I pushed her to take of her clothes and kissed her big boobs. She said, “you just satisfy me the way I want, I feel awesome when your tongue make me wet.” “don’t lie” I said. “your husband when loves you…” she put a finger on my lips and said “he is a dumbo and can not give me that level of enjoyment which I want and specially you give that to me and make me feel that you are my husband. Once I asked him to tie my hand and eyes and “ask me to take your cock and if can not then you just drop wax on my boobs to punish me. He like mad said I am princess and I  should not take cock in mouth and wax will spoil my beauty and he love me so much that he cant drop wax on me, all bluff and bulshits” I just started sucking her breast and she moaned “ uff slowly you mad, it hurts”. “ uh yes baby suck it suck it, oo uh huh fuck”, she moaned. Then I whispered that I will fulfill that desire of  her tonight nicely. “no, you just hurt me a lot and seduce me in such a way that next time when my husband do anything I just don’t enjoy”. I did not listen to her, and grabbed her both hands and tied with a tie of her husband. She was trembling her face so that I cant tie her eyes, I just got on top of her and from the rack near bed I got hold of a long socks of her and tied it on her eyes. Oh God she was looking so horny and then she suddenly screamed “please open my eyes”. I took out my long dick and made her neel down. I just forced my cock into her mouth and she took desperately and sucked it. I just could not wait as she was looking so sexy wearing a red bra and short skirt. Her huge boobs and fluffy thighs forced me to fuck her mouth. It was just awesome. “oub oub oub ha”, she moaned. I then made her lie and strated kissing her. With my tongue I started licking her naval and she enjoyed “um uh hmm hmm kiss me lick me boy..i love it make me full wet…ouch uhh oh oh…” as I gave a small bite on her sexy naval. I asked her where is the candle and she said open the left box and take out the clips which I put on clothes and clip on my tities and on the corner there is a cane bring it.” I brought and she said, “fuck and molest me like whore and do what u feel like with my body and the moment I don’t listen or you don’t enjoy, whack me with cane and make me obidient slave of yours”. I just put all the clip on her breast and on her tits too. Neel down and pump out your breast. She just got and neel down and with the cane I tried to deattache the clips cliped on her tits. “uh oh yes” I gave a soft blow on her tits and she cried “oh ho hohu hu please” and gave another nice wack on her other tits and she moaned loudly. I caned and remove all the clips and then she just lied on the bed and said “no more caning.” Then by lying beside her and from back I grabbed her breast and inserted my dick in her pussy. She moaned, “uuh ui ma, uh uh fuck fucking oh yes yes yes fuck me. Uh uh yes yes and moved away and hehehehehe”. You fucker I took the cane and caned her buttocks and she took a perfect doggy position. I whacked her left thigh and said a bit right and she did that within a second. I slowly rubbed the cane on her pussy and she expected a caning on her pussy and I gave a whack right on the pussy and she begged me not to cane her any more. I then started fucking and she moaned and licked her back and unhooked her bra. I fucked her like anything and she enjoyed and sometimes with anger she tried to bite my arms. I took the cane and caned her big bluffy butt. “uh , uhhu what do you want?” she screamed. I gave a solid wack with cane on her breast and she moaned, “oh oh ooooo… where r u?” I lied underneath her and took a deep long kiss and she was enjoying by putting her toungue on my tongue and sucking each others saliva. “come on babes say me that my boobs are yours” I said. She said, “its yours just take it to your mouth and tantalize my tits with your tongue and teeth.” I forced her large breast in my mouth and she moaned “yes yes baby suck it, oh yeah, oh my gosh…” and I inserted my penis also and started fucking her and sucked her breast too….. I just stopped, as she was not being able to bear up the pain. I took of the socks from her eyes. She smiled and said “this is not fair, wont you leave marks on me to make my realise that you have sexually satisified me and gave me pleasure”. I asked her, “where should I give it?”. She ordered, “give as many you feel but it should be visible and people who comes and talk to me should understand that love bites given to me by my boyfriend”. I got on top of her and started kissing her lips and while kissing I gave a bite on her lips and blood started flowing and she moaned and forced my mouth on lovely breast and I gave a bite and she moaned “ ouch uu uuyes”. I was kissing her body and she was enjoying it and just on her belly beside her naval I gave a bite and she moaned, “ ih uh uh hu uh..”. she again kissed me and we gone to sleep.
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